Hello there!


My name is Molly, and if you’re here, chances are we share an interest in corporal punishment.

Spanking is my life’s passion!

I gave an interview about all thinks spanking, which you can read here.


Being surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts has enabled me to explore this facet of my life fully. My spanking kink has metastasised from a vague affinity with bottoms and beatings, to a deep passion, intrinsic to my identity, ingrained in me for life.

It is thanks to the wonderful scene, that this exploration has been possible. And as my experience continues, I learn more every day about my persuasion. I now know what I like, areas I excel in, scenarios that make me roar with laughter, or quiver in anticipation. I am a true switch and always have been. As my skill-set in being an effective Top advances, my ability to connect with my submissive side deepens. I adore convoluted plots with complex characters, which subvert the ‘usual’ power dynamics. I enjoy  light-hearted, traditional role-play, and sometimes I enjoy simply meeting a like-minded individual for relaxed play whilst we chat over a  glass of wine. If there are bottoms, and spankings, I’m in my element. I am versatile in my appearance, a bit of a shape shifter! I am 6 feet tall, slim and toned; I have a penchant for natural hair, so those who enjoy their ladies hirsute, there’s plenty to enjoy. I have an array of outfits, wigs and accessories, so if you have a character in mind for me to play, feel free to be as specific as you like.

I’m so excited that as time goes by, my interest only grows. I have many fun and satisfying experiences ahead of me in the world of spanking, and look forward to sharing these with fellow enthusiasts.  If that’s you, do get in touch.


Love and Spanks

Molly x